BioExcel BioDisc

Bioexcel Bio Disc is a radical product that is made of natural minerals which are put together and technically adhered into a glass at molecular level through heat fusion. There are about 3000 Negative Ions available and this can be channeled into any liquid at the molecular level. In recent years Bioexcel Bio Disc has gained a lot of popularity.

Lots of research has been conducted throughout the world by various health and energy experts and it has been brought to people attention that it makes the water more hydrated and improves the transfer of nutrients in and out of the body cells.  Water treated by Biodisc would be pure, highly soluble and full of energy.


  1. Simply pour the water through any jug or flask onto the Bioexcel Biodisc, contain the water which flows through the disc and simply use to for your consumption.
  2. You can also place any cream or ointment on the biodisc for few minutes to cure minor burns and scars or blemishes.
  3. Fill the Biodisc treated water into water spray and use it on your burns, scars, cuts and brusies.
  4. Great for people suffering from Asthma, simple heat the biodisc water and breath in the water vapor or steam.

Always buy original Bioexcel products with Authenticity card with UID / PW so it can register online to avoid getting a fake clone.

Health Advantages of Bioexcel Biodisc:

  • It will harmonize and balance the body
  • It will act as anti-oxidant
  • Enhance blood ciculation
  • Energizes and detoxify the drinking water and thus hydrating the body cells ultimately giving you a great sense of feeling.
  • Great improvement in the taste of food and beverages of all kinds

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